Xavier Ulled

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History (graduating with honours) and an official Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Local Development from the University of Lleida. He also completed Postgraduate studies in Business Administration and Management, Institutions and Cultural Platforms at Pompeu Fabra University. He has additionally received specialised training in the ICTs, communication and digital marketing.


Cultural Adviser and Cultural Project Coordinator at the Museum of Natural Science of Barcelona, the Museum of Rock of Barcelona and at a private company. He has also worked as an archaeology technician at a private company and at the University of Lleida.


In the field of research, Xavier forms part of the research project “Del Gabinet de Meravelles al Museu Anatòmic Popular: Règims d’Exhibició i Cultura Material de la Medicina” (under the auspices of the CSIC [Spanish Council for Scientific Research] and the Autonomous University of Barcelona), which focuses on the audiences of the clinics and museums of the early 19th century.