The objectives of the Research Plan of the Observatory of the Audiences of the Cultural Heritage of Catalonia are as follows:

• To establish criteria and methodologies for the understanding and assessment of the audiences of the museums and heritage.
• To generate useful information on audiences for the public administrations and museums.

In order to achieve these objectives, the OPPCC has two programmes:

The Eines Programme (Tools), which creates materials and draws up the guidelines, standards and manuals to facilitate the task of museums in compiling information related with the audiences and non-audiences.

The Estudis Programme (Studies): On one hand, this programme works to draw up reports based on secondary data or information produced by other agents, both periodically and occasionally. On the other hand, it includes the production and coordination of studies that generate primary data, in other words, information stemming from direct consultations with professionals and organisations.


  • 16.11.2018 - Handbooks

    Manual per a l'obtenció d'indicadors avançats de públics digitals

    Els objectius del manual són donar suport als museus i equipaments patrimonials en la cerca i el registre de dades relacionades amb els indicadors avançats sobre púbics digitals i facilitar la comparativa de dades per poder conèixer, avaluar i generar informació útil sobre els públics digitals.