Antoni Rojas Rabaneda

Head of the Projects and Communication Unit at the ICRPC. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in History, a diploma of advanced studies (DEA) and a master’s degree in the Management of Cultural Heritage in the Local Environment, from the University of Girona.

He has covered a wide range of areas as a project manager at the University of Girona, and has solid knowledge of European programmes that fund cultural research and projects. He has participated in the design and implementation of numerous research and knowdlege transference projects on uses of heritage, visitor studies, master plans for cultural centres, the reporting of historical and archeological heritage assessment, data analysis,and heritage inventories.

In the area of research, he is an archeologist specialized in Iberian culture. which is the subject of his doctoral thesis, as well as the uses of cultural heritage. He is a participating member of Research Group Archeology and Prehistory Laboratory and the Institute of Historical Research at the University of Girona (UdG). He has taught the subject "Protohistory of the Iberian Peninsula" as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Girona.

In the area of ICT and communication, he has specific training in, and a solid knowledge of, the use of social networks at corporate level and the dissemination of research and knowledge.He coordinates the ICPRC’s web content and blog, and manages its social networks.

In the area of communication and the presentation of research to the general public, he has coordinated and participated in projects such as #Living Heritage! or Crazy for Archeology.