04.07.2022 - Museums and health

Illuminart Museum

Illuminart Museum is the first virtual museum for patients in hospitals, a project done by Art dans la Cité and presented for the first time on October 2019, to the project partners and enthusiastic health facility managers. This multi-cultural venue open to the world, allows patients to discover works of art from all over the world in their hospital rooms, and have access to a multidisciplinary and international artistic and cultural program. Depending on the audience, the programming will be able to be adapted, for exhibitions dedicated to children with fun contents, including audio, videos, books, musical instruments. Different spaces are already proposed within the museum: a central patio with trees reminiscent of nature, huge exhibition bright rooms, a library where you can go to read and relax, a music room. Through this initiative, it was highlighted the collaboration between the artistic and medical sectors, for well-being at the hospital.


  • Illuminart Museum