04.07.2022 - Museums and health


In Catalonia, the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat and Institut Català de Salut have partnered to create RecuperArt-19 project for health professionals, who are suffering from emotional stress related to the management of Covid-19. RecuperArt-19 proposes the creation of an activity in various museums in Catalonia to improve the emotional state of health professionals from techniques and resources based on art and culture.

This activity can be performed individually and autonomously, with the aim of preventing and managing the anxiety, stress and depression associated with your professional activity during the coronavirus crisis. Recuperart-19 involves cultural resources in health management, personified in 16 museums throughout the community. The cultural institutions propose a selection of between 3 and 5 works from their permanent collection, located in spaces that allow calm and introspection. On these pieces, viewers can make a sheet that adapts to the artist's notebook. Healthcare professionals can enter cultural institutions for free and participate anonymously with an artist's notebook. This little notebook proposes a series of activities to get to know the museum, relax, concentrate on the selected works, draw them, write stories, etc.


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