18.07.2022 - Museums and health

Tate Liverpool Youth Rehabilitation

Novus are creating foundations for change through prison education and for almost 30 years they have been helping men, women and children of all ages and abilities, in prison settings across England and Wales, to take new directions. Novus proposed innovative arts and family enrichment programmes in order to support children to develop positive relationships, strengthening bonds with family, friends and significant others.


The programmes help them to grow in self-knowledge and self-confidence, improve interpersonal skills and support inclusivity and wellbeing. Importantly, they provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience that can help engage children with education.


Since 2017, Novus has been collaborating with Tate Liverpool as part of their family learning programme. The Tate learning programmes encompass events and activities that reflect the diversity of the communities we live in, and give us the opportunity to explore the role that art plays in society, and what positive contribution it can make. Together with Tate Liverpool theyr are co-creating projects that invite children to respond to a creative challenge using Tate collection displays and exhibitions for inspiration. They are developing skills and experience in the arts, as well as opportunities for pathways into creative careers.


  • Tate Liverpool Youth Rehabilitation